Andhra Train Collison : 13 dead, 50 injured ; All you should know

VIZIANAGARAM: Around 7 p.m. on Sunday, a passenger train from Visakhapatnam to Rayagada derailed after colliding with the Visakhapatnam-Palasa passenger train close to Kothavalasa railway station in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, resulting in at least 13 fatalities and 50 injuries.

This was the third rail tragedy after the Coromandel Express collided with a stalled freight train in Balasore, Odisha, on June 2, which resulted in 296 fatalities and 1,200 injuries. In Buxar, Bihar, on October 11, the Delhi-Kamakhya North East Express derailed, resulting in five fatalities and thirty injuries.

The Visakhapatnam-Palasa train was changing from the main track to a side track on Sunday when the tragedy happened. Concurrently, the train from Visakhapatnam to Rayagada, which was on the main track, struck and rear-ended the other train. This resulted in the final three coaches being derailed and seriously injuring two of them. According to Vizianagaram SP Deepika Patil, “the accident resulted in at least ten fatalities and over twenty-five serious injuries.” There were four affected carriages on the Rayagada passenger train. But according to Saurabh Prasad, manager of East Coast Railway’s Waltair division: “Three coaches were involved in the accident.”

The specifics of the departed passengers are still unknown because the coaches were “unreserved”.

Authorities worry that since some passengers could still be stuck inside the damaged carriages, the toll might go up. The people of Kantakapalle hamlet, which is adjacent, promptly started relief and rescue efforts. After freeing the stranded passengers, they transported the wounded to medical facilities.

Nevertheless, these attempts were hindered by the utter darkness. In order to support law enforcement, railroad workers, and other officials in the rescue operation, authorities turned on emergency lights. To care for the injured, ambulances were sent from Anakapalli and Visakhapatnam, while personnel from the NDRF and SDRF were mobilized.

A portion of the passengers were sent to KG Hospital in Visakhapatnam and the government hospital in Kothavalasa. To care for the injured, the government assembled specialized medical teams. The toll may go up because some people are in serious condition, according to the Vizianagaram SP.

PM Narendra Modi sent his condolences to the families of the deceased and prayed for the injured people’s quick recovery. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, directed officials to ensure that the injured receive timely medical treatment and assistance.

The AP government declared ex gratia payments of Rs 10 lakh to each of the deceased’s relatives and Rs 2 lakh to each of the state’s injured locals. Additionally, compensation of Rs 2 lakh to each of the deceased’s relatives and Rs 50,000 to each of the injured passengers from other states was also announced. Since the precise cause of the accident is yet unknown, an investigation has been requested. The Visakhapatnam-Palasa train was traveling slowly between Kantakapalle and Alamanda, based on early information. The path that the second train was taking was the same.

Survivors related their terrifying experiences after the dust cleared. Simhadri, a 30-year-old traveller aboard the Palasa train, gave an account of the abrupt collision and the disorderly aftermath. He and other passengers on board took part in rescue operations right after and saw firsthand the severity of injuries sustained by other passengers. I lurched out of my chair. He said that he witnessed over fifty hurt and in agony, saying that other passengers had also fallen. The bags were strewn around.

After the disaster, many trains were canceled. The mishap served as a reminder of the necessity of preventative and safety measures for trains.

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