How to Spot a Fake GST Invoice and How to Avoid Them

The efforts of GST authorities to stop fraudulent GST activities have increased recently. The GST Council claims that false invoices are used in the majority of cases of GST fraud in the nation. The Goods and Services Tax (GST), which was implemented in 2017 to streamline the tax system by doing away with several indirect taxes such as service tax and VAT, requires all registered businesses to provide a valid GSTIN-associated invoice that breaks down Integrated GST, State GST, and Central GST.

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However, as with many new systems, dishonest people have started taking advantage of the GST system. Since fake GST invoices let scammers siphon off money under the pretense of paying taxes, they have become a major source of worry for tax authorities. Small businesses and consumers are particularly vulnerable to these fake invoices.

Recognizing Counterfeit GST Invoices:

Verification of GSTIN:

Visit, the official GST gateway.
Check the GST Identification Number (GSTIN) by going to the homepage and clicking on ‘Search Taxpayer’.
Verify the GSTIN that is shown on the invoice. If authentic, the information on the website should match.

GSTIN Structure:

The 15-digit GSTIN number offers useful data. The first two digits stand for the State Code; the following ten are the seller’s or supplier’s PAN number; the 13th digit is the PAN holder’s unit number; the 14th digit is ‘Z,’ and the 15th digit is the ‘checksum digit.’

How to Report False GST Challans

The following actions can be taken by people to report instances of fraudulent GST invoices:

Go to the official GST portal and use the “CBEC Mitra Helpdesk” and “Raise Web Ticket” to file grievances.
Send grievances to via email.
Use the official GST Twitter account to get in touch with the appropriate authorities.
Remain cautious and knowledgeable to prevent becoming a victim of dishonest GST practices.

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