According to reports, Captagon turned the Hamas militants into barbarous while they were high on “jihadi drug” during Israel attacks.

Everything about the jihadi drug Captagon, which was purportedly discovered on terrorists from Hamas during the October 7 attack.

When Hamas militants spread terror throughout Israel, the entire world was taken aback. Before holding hundreds of innocent civilians captive, they killed, sexually assaulted, abducted, and tormented them.

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Many concluded that the reason why they were so savage might have been their intense hatred toward Jews. However according to a recent Jerusalem Post article, their use of the substance Captagon—also referred to as “jihad drug” or “poor man’s cocaine”—may have increased their savagery and hatred.

According to a Jerusalem Post article, Abu al-Hilalain, a synthetic stimulant similar to amphetamine that is sold in the Arabic drug market, is what Hamas managers allegedly handed their attackers bags full. According to the study, the medication is taken like candy and can elicit angry, irritable, and impatient sensations, which motivate terrorists to kill and torture victims.

The medication was discovered on at least some of the Hamas fighters slain during or following the spectacular raids on Israel, two Israeli security officials revealed to USA Today. The report also states that bullets were discovered concealed in the pockets of clothing and tactical equipment used by a few Hamas militants, along with little packets of the narcotic, which is sold as tablets or a powder that resembles cocaine.

According to reports, the drug is smuggled into the Middle East from Turkey and consumed during rave parties by the wealthy populations of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.

“Those who take them have no inhibitions and feel like the world’s kings.” Although opioids increase euphoria and aggression, they have less of an incentive to commit crimes than amphetamines. Jerusalem Post was informed by Prof. Rami Yaka, the dean of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine’s School of Pharmacy.

According to a different Harbinger Daily story, the Captagon can cost as much as $20 per pill in wealthy nations, yet it can only be bought for $1 in underdeveloped nations. Terrorists from Hezbollah utilize it extensively, and Syria earns a significant portion of its income from its $3.5 billion exports in 2020.

The substance is not authorized for distribution in the United States and has no recognized medicinal use. However, there is a potential that the use of fake Captagon will rise in the nation due to a declining supply of fenethylline and fluctuating chemical availability for the drug’s illicit manufacture.

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