Dengue fever cases in Uttarakhand have surpassed the 3,000 mark.

In an alarming development, the number of dengue cases in Uttarakhand has surpassed 3,000, with Dehradun alone reporting over 1,000 cases and the Pauri district reporting an additional 736 cases. The state registered 59 new cases on Friday, aggravating the dengue crisis.

Dengue statistics as of today:

Total number of dengue cases in Uttarakhand: 3,046; number of dengue cases in Dehradun: 1,023; and number of dengue cases in Pauri District: 736.

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Regional Breakdown:

Following Pauri, Haridwar has recorded the second-highest number of dengue cases at 500, closely followed by Nainital (489 cases) and Udham Singh Nagar (98). Sadly, 13 of the 16 confirmed dengue deaths in Uttarakhand have happened in the state capital, Dehradun, and three in Nainital.

Expert Opinion:

According to Dr Pankaj Singh, the state’s nodal malaria officer, “the virus has an incubation period of 4-14 days, which means the cases currently testing positive were exposed to it a few days earlier.” The season is predicted to end between October 15-20, and the number of cases has already begun to fall.” Dr Singh also stated that the virus’s potency has decreased. “The peak occurred when temperatures were high and humidity was prevalent,” he continued. As temperatures begin to fall, the strains described are less lethal.”

Continued Caution Advised:

While the situation appears to be improving, health authorities are advising the public to exercise care and continue to take all required precautions until the official end of the dengue season. Dengue fever is still a major public health problem, and preventative measures are essential.

Data Comparison:

This year’s dengue fever cases are the highest since 2019 when over 10,000 cases were recorded. According to health department sources, they “anticipated high numbers this year as well.” Fortunately, strategies such as establishing micro containment zones and applying source segregation have proven beneficial in dealing with the issue. Officials want to use these tactics in the following years as well.

The state health agency is actively monitoring the situation and working hard to suppress the dengue epidemic.

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