“Dunki” Movie Review : A movie that is Entertaining and Tedious at the same time

“Dunki” movie starring Shah Rukh khan has been released on 21st December, 2023. RajKumar Hirani has been seen in collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan after a long time.

Director : Raj Kumar Hirani
Cast : Shah Rukh Khan (Hardy), Taapsee Pannu (Manu), Boman irani, Vicky Kaushal, Satish Shah, Vikram Kochhar, etc.
Theme : Illegal Immigration Technique
Run Time : 161 minutes

A Quick hint of the Movie’s story

A group of Punjab Migrants manage to pass the English exam early on in Dunki, a straightforward but touching portrait of the impoverished illegal immigrants from Punjab who travel great distances in a hopeless hunt for better opportunities. They choose to memorize a paragraph by rote and then just rename it to memorize it for the examiners.

Dunki Movie Reviews

Dunki is set in a small town of Punjab where certain characters want to immigrated to the foreign land to get better opportunities and get over their difficult lives. Just as they are about to give up, Hardy (Shah Rukh), an ex-armyman, enters their life and uses a convoluted and unlawful path to fulfill their ambition. He grows fond of Manu (Taapsee Pannu) along the way, only to discover that her desire to travel to a faraway country outweighs her love for the guy who instilled the belief in her.

Rajkumar Hirani’s and Shah Rukh Khan’s awaited Collaboration

Over a long period of time, Rajkumar Hirani has connected and engaged the audience with almost the same relating story structure but he has always tried and succeeded to mould it with heartlwelhming and a smiling face.

In Dunki, the most awaited collaboration of Hirani with Shah Rukh Khan has finally come to an end with the release. The purpose and social concern is again applaudable but the storytelling feels easy and laborious after a while, mainly because Hirani doesn’t want to test newer ways in his story telling and works. Sadly, it lacks the spontaneity that we identify with his art.

Set in a small town in Punjab, Dunki goes into flashback to tell the tale of four characters with modest means who want to immigrate to London to get over their difficulties in life. When they are about to give up, Hardy (Shah Rukh), an ex-armyman, comes into their lives to make their dream a reality by taking a circuitous, illegal route.

Along the way, he develops a soft corner for Manu (Taapsee Pannu) only to realise that her wish to cross over to a foreign land is stronger than her love for the man who gave her the belief.

The Theme of Illegal Immigration in Bollywood

Though it may be a relatively new issue in Hindi cinema, illegal immigration has been explored in Punjabi films, and news articles on the dangerous trips that the so-called “donkeys” take abound.

It doesn’t surprise me, then, when the movie portrays the difficulties as innovative. We keep expecting a bit more depth and poignancy, but they seem tepid when picturised. When the final credits roll and certain statistics and facts are put on some heartbreaking pictures of illegal immigrants, the emotion intensifies.

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