Emraan Hashmi Challenges Salman Khan in Tiger 3 Trailer! Fans on the Edge of Their Seats for the Epic Showdown!

The much-awaited “Tiger 3” trailer has been released online, portraying Emraan Hashmi as the dangerous adversary. Hashmi has sparked a fan frenzy by playing the villain in the third episode of Yash Raj’s spy thriller. Fans are eagerly expecting the big showdown with Tiger, the character played by Salman Khan, after hearing his sinister voiceovers and seeing him in the trailer.

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Fans lavished love on Emraan Hashmi after he posted the trailer on his X account. Fans praised him as a “worthy opponent” for Tiger, Salman Khan’s character, on social media. Fans praised Hashmi’s performance and expressed excitement for the film in the comments that flooded in. Salman Khan also posted the trailer on his Instagram account, promising an intense, personal battle.

As soon as Hashmi’s character in the teaser says the current phrase “Welcome to Pakistan,” viewers become interested in the plot. Given the excitement and hype the movie has generated among fans, it is anticipated to be a blockbuster when it is released on November 12 in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Viewers are eagerly anticipating the battle between Emraan Hashmi’s portrayal of the villain and Salman Khan’s Tiger because his portrayal as the villain has aroused considerable curiosity. High-octane action, drama, and a duel of wits between two superb actors are all promised in the movie.

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