Expert predicts that “Disease X” will be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19 : What is it?

The probable next pandemic has been designated “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO), and it may already be on its way.

Disease X could be next pandemic, warns UK expert: Here's all you need to  know about this deadly virus
(Disease X could be next pandemic, warns WHO)

Coronavirus has now significantly decreased and is a well-known health risk after more than three years of tiny and large waves. The UK’s medical community is now preparing for a potential new pandemic known as “Disease X.” Experts believe that the new virus may be more deadly than Covid-19, which has killed close to seven million people, and may have effects akin to those of the Spanish Flu.

The upcoming pandemic has been called “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO), which claims that it may already be “on its way.”

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What is ‘Disease X’ and what do we know so far?

  • The WHO identified Disease X as the likely next pandemic and stated that it might already be on its way.
The Long Shot by Kate Bingham and Tim Hames review — the inside story of  the race to vaccinate Britain

The UK’s vaccine panel in 2020 was headed over by health expert Dame Kate Bingham, who claims that Disease X may be able to cause 20 times as many fatalities as Covid-19 (about 50 million fatalities). According to Bingham, the world would need to prepare for extensive vaccine campaigns and promptly deliver the dosages.Imagine if Disease X is as contagious as the measles and has a 67% fatality rate. Somewhere on the earth, it’s replicating, and sooner or later, disease will strike someone.

There isn’t currently a licensed vaccine for “Disease X.” For every hazardous virus family, Bingham underlined the importance of researchers developing a variety of prototype vaccines, noting that even just a head start on the immunizations for the deadly virus may help target its distinctive characteristics.

According to Bingham, there are millions of additional viruses that have not yet been detected, despite the fact that scientists have identified 25 virus families that have thousands of distinct viruses, as stated in the Daily Mail.

According to the health expert, one of the initial steps that must be addressed is allocating the proper financial resources. “There is a significant financial cost to inaction. She told the reporters that Covid-19, a virus that was less harmful than Disease X, had saddled us with a $16 trillion bill for lost output and healthcare costs.

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