Final World Cup of Ashwin? After taking Axar’s place in the India squad, Ashwin made the statement.

The key goal, according to Ashwin, will be to enjoy what may be his final World Cup performance.

Ashwin's final world cup

Ajit Agarkar, the top selector for the BCCI, did not include any reserve players when he unveiled India’s preliminary World Cup roster at the beginning of September. He had made it clear that, barring an injury, this would be the final squad. When Axar Patel tore his quadriceps muscle, it appeared to last till the Asia Cup.

Later, he was supposed to join the team for the series’ final game against Australia but was unable to recover, and as a result, he was disqualified from the competition. Ashwin, who had not played in an ODI since last week’s match against Australia, was later picked as his substitute by India.

Even Ashwin was taken aback by the turn of events in recent days; he laughed off Dinesh Karthik’s question about his unexpected World Cup selection during a Star Sports interview before the start of England’s World Cup warm-up game at the Barsapara Stadium in Guwahati.


He said with a grin, “I would be saying you are joking,” and then continued, “Life is full of surprises and I honestly wasn’t thinking I would be here. I am present today thanks to circumstances and the trust that the team management has demonstrated. But over the past few years, loving the game has been my main goal, and I’ll be doing that in this competition.

Ashwin and Washington Sundar were called in to take Axar’s position for the Australia series because to concerns over his injury. Sundar had already taken Axar’s spot in the Asia Cup championship game, but Ashwin received the start in the first two matches against the Australians. In Mohali and Indore, he picked up four wickets with an economical performance, three of which came in the second ODI when he had set off a mini collapse.

Speaking with Karthik, Ashwin acknowledged that he would aim to bowl both ways and include small variations, but said that enjoying what may be his final World Cup appearance would be his major priority.

“All I do is turn the ball in both directions, which I believe I can already do. In these kinds of competitions, it’s all about making minor adjustments and handling pressure. Most players in these tournaments place a lot of emphasis on pressure, but how you handle it will determine how well you and your team perform. I believe that being in a positive frame of mind and having fun with the game will serve me well. I’ve said it again, but this might be my final World Cup for India,” he said.

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