Investigation into the rape of a class 12 student in Hastinapur by a teen neighbour

According to CO Ashish Sharma, subsequent steps will depend on the outcomes of the ongoing investigation.

MEERUT A class 12 student in Hastinapur claims that her neighbour, who is about the same age as her, sexually assaulted her while holding a gun to her head. On Sunday night, the girl went to the Hastinapur police station to report the crime, but it’s been stated that her complaint wasn’t processed right away.

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She later paid a Monday visit to SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan’s workplace. She told SSP Sajwan about the incident there and begged him to tell the Hastinapur police to file a report and find the suspected attacker.

The Mawana area’s circle officer, Ashish Sharma, has refuted her claims, claiming that the FIR against the accused was really submitted on Monday. The accused is also a minor, and efforts are being made to find and apprehend him, according to Sharma. He continued by saying that early analyses point to the possibility that the incident was a result of a failed love affair.

The girl was allegedly travelling to Hastinapur on Sunday to provide food to her father, who was receiving treatment there at the time. She was being pursued by a villager on a motorcycle as she was moving through the streets of her community. He ultimately caught up with her on the way. He forcefully stole her bicycle and the food she was carrying after she rebuffed his advances, then led her into a neighbouring sugarcane field.

The girl pursued the lad, pleading for him to give her possessions back. She was allegedly terrorized at gunpoint by the accused before being raped. In addition, he made frightening threats, warning her that speaking up would have terrible repercussions.

The youngster somehow made it to the hospital and immediately told her father about the horrible event. She was then led to the Hastinapur police station, where she filed a formal complaint in an effort to start legal action.

Questions have been raised by the complaint made to SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan, which states that two relatives of the accused were mysteriously freed on Monday morning after being briefly detained on Sunday night.

According to CO Ashish Sharma, subsequent steps will depend on the outcomes of the ongoing investigation.

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