Iranian authorities arrest Mahsa Amini, a lawyer who died and inspired anti-hijab demonstrations

Iran Anti-Hijab Protests: Saleh Nikbakht represented the parents of Amini, 22, who passed away on September 16, 2022, while being held in detention.
According to local media, Iran has jailed the attorney for Mahsa Amini, an Iranian Kurd whose death in 2022 led to protracted protests, to one year in prison for “propaganda” of the government. According to his attorney Ali Rezai, “My client Saleh Nikbakht has unhappily been sentenced to the maximum punishment, one year in prison, for publicity activity against the system.”

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Nikbakht represented the parents of Amini, 22, who died away in jail on September 16, 2022, after being arrested by the morality police on grounds that she was breaking the Islamic Republic’s severe clothing code for women.

The trial against the lawyer for “having spoken to foreign and local media about the Mahsa Amini case” had commenced in Tehran, Rezai declared at the end of August.
Nikbakht, who is originally from Iranian Kurdistan, has long been a representative of prominent Iranian people. Filmmaker Jafar Panahi, who spent about seven months in prison before being freed on bond in February, is one of them.

“Surprisingly, they have imposed the maximum sentence on Mr Nikbakht, who is 73 years old,” Rezai stated

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