Jimin discusses how BTS members “struggled a lot” to overcome language barriers, and he mentions one word that gave him comfort this year.

Jimin was questioned about his ability to exit this planet with just one expression. It would be “a bowing greeting,” he remarked.


Jimin, a member of BTS, has spoken candidly about the group’s “crossing the bridge of language.” Jimin revealed the one word that has brought him the greatest solace this year in an interview with GQ Korea.

Jimin discusses a language barrier.

Jimin added, “To reach to this point, our members struggled a lot, strayed, ran into each other, and relied on each other. This is how BTS was able to overcome the language barrier. I experienced love, joy, despair, pain, and romance during the process. Since I was honest in my confessions and a lot of people could relate, I believe that my heart was eventually touched more than my words.

He was questioned about his ability to exit this planet with just one expression. A bowing greeting would signify “hello, thank you, and being considerate,” according to Jimin.

Jimin offers consoling remarks

Jimin was asked what one word best described how he felt this year. There are numerous ways to experience delight, he remarked. I heard this a lot this year from a number of fans, personal friends, and coworkers. “Are you alright?” Despite the slow progress, I’m doing okay. I was able to appreciate my time better as a result of those words. I therefore prefer to pose questions to individuals who have read my interview rather than offering consolation. “When are you joyful and happy?” I’m not sure what stage of life everyone is in, but I hope everyone experience glad and cheerful feelings at least once per day.

Future project by Jimin

Jimin is now working on his first-ever solo documentary, titled Jimin’s Production Diary. On October 23, Jimin’s Production Diary will be released. A video of Jimin penning his message was recently posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the official BTS account.

Hello, Army, he wrote. Jimin here. I had no idea that you would be so supportive of my debut solo album, which comprised the things I wanted to convey and arrange. My debut CD, which had things I’ve always wanted to say and stuff to arrange my thoughts, surprised me by getting so much positive feedback. Because of this, I didn’t really get it when I was awarded the No. 1 slot on the Billboard Chart.

Jimin’s previous projects

Face, his debut solo album, was also released in March of this year. Under the BTS banner, Jimin has released three solo songs: Lie (2016), Serendipity (2017), and Filter and Promise (2020). For the TvN drama Our Blues in 2022, he also performed the duet alongside You alongside Ha Sung-woon.

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