Historic Victory in Telangana: Revanth Reddy Leads Congress to Win

Revanth Reddy, a 54-year-old leader has played an important role in the victory of the Congress party in Telangana. He had established his position as a powerful political force in the state. Here is how he did this:

Revanth Reddy,


  1. Telangana Congress Chief: In 2021 Revanth Reddy became the Chief of the Congress party in Telangana, where he faced many challenges as the dominating party was TRS, led by KCR. He made Congress stronger in the state and faced this challenge.
  2. Handling Challenges: Revanth Reddy faced challenges from both TRS and BJP. But after all this, he made Congress a significant player.


  1. Internal Issues: Revanth Reddy fixed all the internal issues by bringing together different groups and Congress members who were once thinking of joining the BJP.
  2. Strategies: He used many great political strategies to counter the BJP and make Congress a strong force.


Padyatra: His padayatra in February played a crucial role as he went between people and connected in a better way with them. this directly challenged KCR. this brought attention to people’s problems and this padyatra had a great impact on this win. Reddy visited many areas understanding public problems and making them believe that Congress cares a lot.


National Support: Reddy gained support from Big Congress leaders such as Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra which helped him to gain trust and connect with voters.


The collaborative efforts of Manick Rao Thakre and Sunil Kanugolu, with Revanth Reddy’s brilliant speaking skills played a crucial role in countering KCR’s emotional narratives/stories.


Reddy’s understanding of different groups helped him gain trust and public support to make Congress stronger in the state. As being local Reddy knew many languages and spoke them in public so that the public understood that he is among them only and understood them.


If Reddy becomes the Chief Minister of the state then he will join the legacy of successful Reddy leaders who led Telegu state for Congress.

Reddy wins adding another chapter to the historical success of Reddy leaders in Telangana from the 1950s to the 2000s. This is how Revanth Reddy had a historical win in the state of Telangana with his efforts and strategies.

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