Mahua Moitra Expelled from Parliament

What Happened: Mahua Moitra, a Trinamool Congress leader, was expelled from the Lok Sabha after an Ethics Committee investigated bribery allegations.

Mahua Moitra Expulsion: Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra, 49, has been expelled from Lok Sabha following an Ethics Committee report into the 'cash for query' charges against her.

Bribery Charges: Moitra was accused of accepting 2 crore gifts from a businessman in exchange for raising critical issues against the government in Parliament. After a heated debate, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla declared that Moitra’s actions were “immoral and indecent,” and that she could no longer serve as an MP. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Moitra’s party chairman, termed the expulsion “unacceptable” and alleged it was BJP revenge.

The Ethics Committee study: The 500-page study strongly demonstrated that Mahua Moitra took illegal favors and that she be dismissed.

Further Investigations: The report wants a criminal investigation into the money Mahua Moitra got and a government inquiry into her “unethical and criminal conduct.”

Mahua Moitra’s Response: Moitra disagreed with the Ethics Committee, claiming that they disregarded the regulations and that she was afraid the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) would harass her.

CBI Inquiry: Based on the Ethics Committee’s recommendations, the CBI has begun investigating Moitra’s charges.

Political Tensions: Mahua Moitra’s expulsion made politics tense, with Mamta Banerjee promising Moitra would win in the next election.

Findings of the Ethics Committee: The committee concluded that Moitra acted unethically and accepted unlawful gifts, and they demanded further inquiry.

Moitra’s Statement: Moitra, who is known for criticizing the Modi government, said that losing a clear conscience happens before actual harm, using Maa Durga as an example.

BJP Accusations: The Chief Minister of Bengal Mamta Banerjee accused the BJP of planning Moitra’s expulsion for political reasons, but she believes this will help Moitra in the elections.

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