Ram Temple ‘panic’ strategy of the BJP, according to Mahua Moitra, is the reason for the expulsion report

Mahua Moitra declared that her appointment as an MP and subsequent expulsion for acting “unethically” was a “badge of honor.”

New Delhi: Mahua Moitra, the Trinamool Congress MP, claimed on Friday that the Lok Sabha ethics committee report, which suggested her removal from the House, was the product of a “nexus” that included Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Adani Group. Mahua Moitra claimed that the Adani Group and PM Modi were trying to conceal what she referred to as a “coal scam.” She stated this was the reason for their fear, as she claimed similar accusations in other nations would have “brought down the government.” In addition, she charged that the national government was utilizing the opening of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya “as part of this plan”.

Moitra asserted in a PTI interview that the 500-page report approved by the panel on Thursday contained no reference to “cash.” She claimed that the Modi-Adani connection didn’t want to be questioned, which is why the panel recommended her dismissal.

“Cash was not mentioned in the 500-page study because there isn’t any. It all comes down to not asking questions. The problem is how not to question the Modi-Adani alliance, which is in charge of the government. They’re terrified. Adani committed coal fraud. This would have brought down the government in any nation. Modi is aware of this deep inside. Thus, they are desperate to conceal this for as long as they can,” she said.

We are among the few individuals bringing this up. The whole point is to silence them, try to get them arrested, and take any action necessary to keep things quiet till January 22, when Ram Mandir is supposed to arrive and the BJP will be riding high once more.

For Moitra, being the first MP to be removed for acting “unethically” by the ethics commission is a “badge of honor.”

“I take great pride in being the MP that the ethics committee wrongfully suspended rather than removed, as it can only suspend. The complainant was unable to produce any proof in the report. Only the chairman used a dirty line of questioning; the other panel members did not question me,” the woman said.

She asked the panel why businessman Darshan Hiranandani had not been called in.

He provides bribes. “He is an individual who has bought off a public official…how can he not be called if that is true?” she continued.

Trinamool Congress MP,Mahua Moitra,alleged a 'nexus' between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Adani Group,claiming they were behind the Lok Sabha ethics committee report recommending her expulsion from the house. Moitra accused them of attempting to hide a coal scam and stated that the central government used the Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration as part of their plan. She claimed that the Modi-Adani nexus was running the government and didn't want to be questioned. Moitra also mentioned businessman Darshan Hiranandani,who she said had access to her parliamentary portal account and showered her with expensive gifts. She questioned why he was not questioned by the panel. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has claimed that Moitra accepted cash and gifts in return for asking Hiranandani's questions in Parliament. Moitra rejected this accusation.
Advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai.(ANI file photo)

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has claimed Moitra accepted money and gifts in exchange for asking questions of Darshan Hirandani in Parliament. Dubey bases this claim on information from Moitra’s erstwhile friend Jai Anant Dehadrai. He asserted that the businessman targeted the Adani Group using Moitra’s legislative web account.

In an affidavit, Hiranandani acknowledged obtaining the TMC MP’s login credentials. He further asserted that he had lavished Moitra with costly presents.

Moitra stated in a televised interview last month that she had given him her login information so that his employees could type out her queries. She denied the BJP MP’s claim of receiving a bribe.

Moitra had requested permission from the panel to cross-examine Dehadrai and Hiranandani.

On November 2, Moitra made an appearance before the panel. However, she abruptly left the meeting, accusing BJP MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar, the panel’s chair, of asking unethical questions. Later, the BJP MP said Moitra had spoken to him in an unparliamentary manner during the meeting.

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