Friends Beloved Star Matthew Perry’s Cause of Death Revealed

The toxicology report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office has discovered that Matthew Perry, the beloved star from Friends, passed away at the age of 54, due to the overdose of ketamine. The reports also mentions other things that might have been contributed to his death, like drowning, coronary artery disease (a heart problem), and a medication called buprenorphine which is used to treat opioid.

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Key Points:

  1. Cause of Death: According to the reports, by the toxicology from the Los Angeles Country Medical Examnier’s office has discovered that Matthew Perry, the beloved star from friends, died because of overdose of Ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety.
  2. Toxicology Reports: The reports from toxicology highlighted the presence of Ketamine in postmortem blood, suggesting harmful effects to cardiovascular over-stimulation and respiratory depression.
  3. Ketamine Infusion Therapy: Matthew Perry had been undergoing with ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety, with his last known therapy occurring 1.5 weeks before his death.
  4. Recreational Use/ Illegal Use: People sometimes use ketamine illegally to feel strange or hallucinate there were small amount of Ketamine present in his stomach.
  5. Absence of Substances: The reports also mentions that there were no traces of alcohol in Perry’s system, and there were no traces of drugs, such as cocaine, heroine, or fentayl found.
  6. Friends Casts Remembers: Perry’s co-star from friends expressed their grief on social media by sharing memories and happy moments with him on the iconic show, Friends.

The toxicology reports, tells us how Matthew Perry passed away, but it also make us think about the dangers of using Ketamine even for therapy.

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