NASA releases breathtaking images of a cosmic “hand.” It has “bones.”

The images, which NASA released, show what seems to be a skeletal hand with four fingers moving in purple plumes.

NASA’s Chandra and IXPE X-ray telescopes have taken pictures of the “bones” of a 1,500-year-old cosmic “hand.” Photographs released by the NASA agency depict a massive purple plume-covered “hand” with four “fingers” circling the Milky Way.

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According to NASA, stars create neutron stars—extremely dense objects—when they run out of nuclear fuel to burn and collapse in on themselves. These stars eventually become pulsars since they frequently possess strong magnetic fields. A “pulsar wind nebula” is formed when young pulsars produce jets of matter and antimatter that are traveling away from the pulsar’s poles and a strong wind. able to briefly describe what a pulsar is

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory made the first observation of the pulsar, PSR B1509-58. Through the use of a telescope, it was discovered that the object, known as MSH 15-52, is a pulsar wind nebula that resembles a human hand. The pulsar is 16,000 light-years from Earth and can be found at the foot of the nebula’s “palm.”

On social media, the space agency even posted a video of the cosmic “hand.” “Short look: X-ray telescopes unveil the ‘bones’ of a ghostly cosmic hand,” the title of the video posted on the Chandra X-ray Observatory YouTube channel reads.

The observatory stated in the video description, “A new photograph from NASA has shown a cosmic ‘hand’ through X-ray analysis. This amazing image was taken with the cooperation of NASA’s Chandra and IXPE telescopes. A cloud of energetic particles resembling a human hand is MSH 15-52. With the help of these X-ray data, astronomers can better understand how objects of this kind form.

According to the study’s principal investigator, Roger Romani of Stanford University in California, “The charged particles producing the X-rays travel along the magnetic field, determining the basic shape of the nebula, as the bones do in a person’s hand.”

“X-rays are a common medical diagnostic tool used on humans. Although the method of using X-rays is different in this case, they are still providing us with information that would otherwise remain concealed.

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