Neru Movie Review : A movie about Sexual Assault

Mohanlal’s latest release “Neru” has been released today on 21st December,2023. Netizens has given several reviews on this movie. This movie is all about a courtroom sexual assault.

A Quick watch

  • Mohanlal’s new release “Neru” hit the screens on December 21.
  • This movie has been directed by Jeethu Joseph.
  • Anaswara Rajan, Siddique and Priyamani played main characters in the movie.

Rating: 3

Release Date: 21 Dec, 2023

The director of the movie “Neru,” Jeethu Joseph, stated before to its premiere that he had been thinking about a courtroom drama for more than ten years.

The director of “Drishyam,” who had been playing about with the concept for several years, eventually got the courage to direct Mohanlal in “Neru.” This time, the two discussed the delicate subject of rape and the associated legal process.


The visually handicapped Sara (Anaswara Rajan) is raped in broad daylight at her house, which serves as her safe haven, by Michael, the son of a businessman (no surprises there!). Sara and her parents decide to follow the law rather than go the dramatic route.

Because of their talent as sculptors, Sara and her stepfather are able to assist the police in apprehending Michael.

Finding a prosecutor, however, proves to be difficult for Sara and her parents until they meet Vijayamohan (Mohanlal), who hasn’t been in court since being suspended years prior. He isn’t disconnected, though.

Persuading Vijayamohan to take on the matter requires a lot of work. But after agreeing, he assiduously confronts Rajasekar (Siddique), a prominent Supreme Court attorney, with whom he has a past. The plot revolves around Vijayamohan’s attempts to convict Michael and provide Sara with justice.

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