Physics Wallah Viral video : Student slapped teacher mid-livestream

On social media, a video of a student slapping a Physics Wallah instructor during a live lesson has gone viral. A student of the ed-tech platform can be seen in the video hitting the instructor with slippers. According to reports, a student taking the lesson online filmed the footage.

Physics Wallah Teacher Gets Slapped During Live Session, Viral Video  surfaces Online - Khabrotak

Although the video has been shared on the social media platform “X” but the timing of the video is still unknown.

(physics Wallah teacher slapped mid livestream)

The viral video is a nine minute long video in which a teacher is seen teaching when a student suddenly comes and hits the teacher with two slaps of the slippers. The reason behind this incident is still unknown but netizens in the comments guess it as “Use of religious dialogues or chants”.

Other said ” Physics wallah se students sambhal nahi rahe?

“This particular category of misguided students, lacking reverence for their educators, shall inevitably fail to achieve success in their future endeavours”, said one user.

Another user said, “Respect Your Teacher.”

The ed-tech startup recently announced the opening of “Prerna,” a free helpline intended to address students’ emotional and mental wellbeing. According to Physics Wallah, this helpline has already provided assistance to more than 20,000 students across the nation. It has also stated plans to expand its offline support services with the aim of opening centers in 16 additional cities, ensuring access to professional counseling services in several languages.

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