President Erdogan of Turkey tells Israel to “stop this madness” in response to the Gaza attacks.

Israel-Hamas War: As it cut off communications and nearly completely shut down the Gaza Strip’s information flow, Israel declared an extension of its ground campaign.

Israeli forces increased their attacks on Palestinian land, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, demanded that Israel “immediately stop this madness” and cease its “attacks” on targets in Gaza. As it cut down communications and nearly completely shut down the flow of information in the Gaza Strip, Israel declared an extension of its ground operation.

“On X, formerly Twitter, Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the ongoing humanitarian crisis was made worse by the Israeli bombardment on Gaza, which intensified last night and once again targeted women, children, and innocent civilians.”

He declared, “Israel must immediately put an end to this madness and cease its attacks.” Since Hamas stormed the border on October 7 and killed 1,400 people—mostly civilians—and kidnapped 229 hostages, Israel has been preparing for a ground invasion. The Gaza Health Ministry reports that over 7,300 Palestinians have perished as a result of Israeli reprisal strikes on the area.

At a demonstration in Istanbul in favor of Palestinians, Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged a large crowd to attend by stating, “We will declare loud and clear that we stand alongside the Palestinian people against Israel’s persecution.”

The Israeli military hinted at a step toward a full-scale invasion of Gaza with the goal of overthrowing Hamas with the expansion of ground operations within the region. The bombing, according to Paltel, the telecom provider for Palestinians, caused “complete disruption” to landline, cellular, and internet services. With only a few satellite phones remaining operational, the 2.3 million residents of the enclave were essentially cut off from outside communication.

Other relief organizations and the UN health agency reported that they were unable to get in touch with their personnel in the Gaza Strip. The World Health Organization’s Tedros Adhanom stated that the blackout has rendered it “impossible for ambulances to reach the injured.”

“Our communication with our employees and medical facilities is still lacking. “I’m concerned for their security,” he posted on X. In the meantime, the UN agency for refugees, UNWRA, declared that Israeli airstrikes had killed fifty-eight of its staff members.

According to The Associated Press, Doctors Without Borders’ Palestinian Territories medical coordinator Guillemette Thomas stated, “The situation is quite severe. Our staff is unable to contact with us. We are unsure of their safety.

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