Putin’s health worries and body double rumors are denied by the Kremlin

The Kremlin swiftly dismissed allegations of a heart arrest as absolutely false in reaction to recent rumors concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, talked to the media on Tuesday and denied the assertions made by a Russian Telegram channel that Putin had a heart attack on Sunday.

Peskov categorically debunked the health-related rumors about the Russian president, saying, “Everything is fine with him, this is absolutely another fake”.

Peskov laughed at the idea of Putin possibly utilizing body doubles when asked about it, calling it a stupid prank spread by numerous media channels. This falls under the umbrella of ridiculous information hoaxes, which a variety of media examine with admirable perseverance. Nothing except a smile comes to me when I think of this,” he said, according to Reuters.

The dispute started when a Kremlin activity-tracking Telegram channel called General SVR asserted that Putin had a heart collapse on Sunday night. The broadcaster also claimed that body duplicates were used for recent public engagements, including foreign trips.

The channel claims that at about 21:05 Moscow time, security personnel at the Kremlin heard noises and sounds of falling coming from the president’s bedroom. Putin was discovered on the floor close to the bed, along with an overturned table that contained food and beverages, after further inquiry. The moment medical help was needed, it was obtained, and the house’s resident doctors responded to Putin.

The unidentified channel has been vocal about Putin’s declining health as a result of oncological problems and other illnesses. It implied that Putin’s inner circle had been extremely concerned about the heart arrest occurrence despite earlier advice from visiting doctors about his precarious condition, saying he would not survive until the end of October.

Despite these assertions, the Kremlin maintained its stance, stressing Putin’s well-being and dispelling any worries regarding his health.

Notably, Putin recently participated in the tenth meeting of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China, proving his continuous involvement in international issues.

It’s important to note that, according to Reuters, in a 2020 interview, Putin denied using body doubles, but acknowledged that he had previously been offered the possibility to do so for security purposes.

The Kremlin’s swift response has put an end to the circulating speculations, reaffirming that Putin remains in good health and active in his official duties.

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