Rinku Singh Shares Insights Ahead of IND vs AUS T20 Series

Rinku Singh, who has emerged as one of India’s explosive T20 batsmen, opens up in an exclusive talk with JioCinema as the much-awaited India vs. Australia T20 series gets underway in Visakhapatnam.

Journey and Family

Rinku thinks about the journey and says, “Initially, it was all about enjoying the game. After that, a lot of things changed. I began working hard, looking at others. The situation at home was not very good. So that was one reason I took up cricket, hoping to bring home some money.”

Homefront Success

Rinku acknowledges that his family’s circumstances have improved, saying, “Things are fine at home now. We have built our house, there are fewer difficulties compared to what we used to face before. I play cricket for my family. I work hard for them. That’s the belief that carries me forward.”

Batting Mindset

Regarding his batting strategy, Rinku says, “When I come out to bat, I want to face 5-6 balls and then take things forward accordingly. The mindset I have adopted is that I try to take the game into the last 2-3 overs before opening up. Most of the time I succeed in these overs.”

Famous IPL Moment

Rinku says of his unforgettable IPL match against Gujarat Titans, “I wasn’t batting very well that day. When I hit three successive sixes, I felt we could win, and I hit two more sixes. None of us expected to win that match.”

Meeting Shah Rukh Khan

Rinku shares a memorable encounter with the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, saying, “I got a video call from Sir after hitting those five sixes. He told me that people invite him for weddings, but he rarely attends. However, he will attend my wedding. So, let’s see when I get married and when he can come home.”

India Debut and Winning Gold

Rinku says, “Even my parents were thrilled. My mother would tell me everyone plays IPL, but playing for India is a big deal. So, I fulfilled her dream also. When I got the India jersey with the No. 35 printed on it, I was really happy.” Regarding the Asian Games gold, he adds, “Every athlete has to work hard for their medals. There’s a lot of value to a gold medal.”

Rinku Singh is a player to watch as he prepares for the IND versus AUS T20 series. His journey, passion, and dedication to family and nation come through.

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