Russian fighter jets destroyed by Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, expressed gratitude to the air force pilots who shot down three Russian fighter planes on Friday in the Kherson area of the country during his daily speech.

“May every Russian pilot be well aware of our response to every Russian killer — none of them will go unpunished,” Zelenskyy said as he thanked the soldiers.

Not immediately known was the fate of the Russian crew men and pilots.

In its daily intelligence report on Ukraine on Friday, the British Defense Ministry stated that “exceptional levels of rat and mice infestation in some sectors of the front line” represent an enemy of a different type for Ukrainian and Russian forces on the ground.

The ministry stated that the rodents will “likely” take cover in cars and defensive positions, which may potentially lower army morale.

According to the report, this year’s warm autumn is probably to blame for the spike in mouse population, “along with ample food from fields left fallow due to the fighting.”

As they did in the same area during World War II, the British ministry claimed that the rats might chew through the wires of military hardware.

According to the ministry, unconfirmed reports suggest that an increasing number of Russian servicemen are falling unwell, and they attribute this to the rats.

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