Subrata Roy Sahara death :Netizens say he was “Pride of Lucknow”

The chairman of Sahara Group, Subrata Roy Sahara passed away on November 14 at around 10:30 PM in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute (KDAH) in Mumbai because of cardiorespiratory arrest after a long battle with metastatic malignancy complications, diabetes and hypertension. He was admitted to the hospital on November 12 after some serious health issues.

Subrata roy sahara death : Netizens say he was pride of lucknow

The Sahara company confirmed his death giving a statement that read ” It is with profound sadness that Sahara India Pariwar informs the demise of our Hon’ble ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar.”

According to a report by Reuters, Subrata Roy has the famous Plaza Hotel in New York, Grossvenor House in London and former Force India Formula One Team as his assets.

Recently, Former CM of Uttar Pradesh offered a heartfelt tribute and his condolences to Subrata Roy and his family. He wrote a post on X. He wrote, “The demise of Shri Subrata Roy ji is an emotional loss for Uttar Pradesh and the country because along with being a very successful businessman, he was also a very sensitive person with a big heart who helped countless people and became their support. Heartfelt tribute!”

In the mean time, another personality based out of Uttar pradesh, Suresh Raina paid his heartfelt tribute to Subrata Roy with a post on X. In his post, he wrote, “great motivator, speaker and sports lover is no more.”

Netizens react to Subrata Roy’s death : Calls him “Pride of Lucknow”

Since the death news of Subrata Roy Sahara has confirmed, netizens have been posting about him on social media with various kinds of reactions. Some went as far as to say how Sahara has affected their lives amid financial irregularities. Some users also pointed out that Subrata’s life was a perfect example epitome of how money, power, position and powerful friends are never permanent in someone’s life.

One said. “His life is a teaching that selfish, celeb and political friends aren’t loyal and helpful friends. Once he was a king.

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