The Internet Hails the Swiggy delivery agent as a “Hero” after his unselfish gesture for a stranger went viral

After the lost stranger was aided by the Swiggy delivery person at midnight, the man gave the person some cash, but the delivery person declined.

A user of X Shravan Tickoo used the microblogging service to describe how a Swiggy delivery person went above and beyond to assist him. Many people have been moved by the story ever since Tickoo posted it on social media.

According to Tickoo, his motorcycle ran out of fuel at midnight and the closest gas station was 2.5 kilometers away. A Swiggy agent saw him and stopped to ask about his dilemma as he was eventually forced to drag his bike to the gas station. The agent promptly began towing Tickoo’s bike as he continued to describe what had happened, promising to drive him to the gas station.

I asked him if he had a delivery to make, and he replied, “Yes, but it’s okay, let me drop you off at the gas station. We towed me 2.5 kilometers until we arrived at the closest gas station, only to discover that it was closed. I assured him that it would be okay and that I would pull it to the next gas station. I made an effort to express my gratitude for his assistance by beginning to offer him $500 for this, wrote Tickoo on X.

While the agent refused to accept any payment, he promised to drop him off at the next 3 km away gas station.

Additionally, Tickoo posted a photo with the delivery person and tagged Swiggy. He requested that the food delivery service help him thank the “awesome gentleman” and identify him.

Since being published on October 20, this article has had more than 10,000 views. There are numerous comments and likes on the share. This tale touched many people, and they responded in the post’s comments section.

Here are some comments made in response to this post:
“Sometimes God appears in different forms,” someone wrote. You felt him around you. You currently owe one loan. Pass on this generosity to the next person in need.

Another said, “The efforts of these people, who are always willing to go above and beyond for no apparent reason, are all that keep the world beautiful.”

“This behavior is simply extraordinary. Genuine aid involves going above and above, so bravo to him! Let this serve as a lesson for others to aid others when they need it. Another person said, “His remark is the best aspect of his behavior.

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