Swiss Woman Murder : Crores found at accused’s home and bank, police sees it as an angle of trafficking

A day after the victim’s decaying body was discovered in the nation’s capital, Singh was detained by the Delhi Police on Saturday.

Swiss woman murdered in west Delhi, accused arrested

The murder of a Swiss woman, whose body was discovered in west Delhi’s Tilak Nagar on Friday, is being investigated by the Delhi Police on suspicions of money laundering and human trafficking. A media source claims that the police initially discovered two crores at the home of the detained accused Gurpreet Singh. Later, during raids, they discovered numerous more crores of rupees; Singh was unable to explain their discovery.

According to a report by the Indian Express, the police have requested assistance from Income Tax (IT) officials to identify the source of the funds.

According to the story, after looking through Singh’s phone, the authorities are attempting to add accusations of human trafficking against him. According to a report that cited a source close to the inquiry, the police discovered numerous images and videos of the accused with various women and girls, leading them to believe that he was engaged in human trafficking in and around Delhi-NCR.

On the basis of both technical and manual information, the Delhi Police detained Singh on Saturday, one day after the victim’s dismembered body with chained-up parts was discovered in the nation’s capital. The cops reported that a black garbage disposal plastic bag had been placed over the top of the body.

What is currently known?

Singh and the woman, who became friends, met when Singh traveled to Switzerland a few years ago, according to the authorities. The woman had no interest in developing a romantic relationship between them. Sing, on the other hand, frequently communicated with her via phone calls and chats because he wanted to marry her.

The woman traveled to India on October 11 to meet Singh at his urging. The accused asked her to meet outside when she was a guest at a hotel in the nation’s capital. He strangled the woman to death on Wednesday morning in a hatchback that he had purchased using papers belonging to another woman.

The police claimed that the accused keeps switching his justifications, despite the fact that the manner of the horrifying killing has so far been established.

In the meantime, the Delhi Police has asked the Ministry of External Affairs for assistance in getting in touch with the Swiss national’s family. “To check whether the body is truly that of a Swiss national, as Singh stated, contact with the family must be established. Our headquarters has asked the MEA to step in and contact Swiss authorities for assistance. Through DNA testing, we will be able to identify the deceased, the spokesman said.

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