“Tejas”: Kangana Ranaut’s Film Faces Challenges in Cinemas

The well-known Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut recently took on a difficult role in the film “Tejas,” portraying an Air Force pilot. There was a lot of expectation because Ranaut is known for giving intense performances. However, the movie faced unanticipated difficulties, which resulted in a lackluster run in theaters.

“Tejas” had trouble taking off at the box office during its debut weekend. Similar to its underwhelming first-day receipts, the film made barely ₹1.25 crore on its second day of release. Thus, following its opening weekend in theatres, the movie’s overall profits after its first weekend stayed at a mere ₹2.5 crore. Given the early excitement surrounding the movie, both fans and industry insiders were taken aback by this surprising performance.

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The disappointment around “Tejas” emerged not only from its box office performance but also from the way the crowd responded to it. Both critics and viewers voiced their displeasure, highlighting a number of the movie’s shortcomings. The film’s execution was called into doubt when the plot, dialogue, and acting failed to make an impression on the audience. Some dissatisfied spectators even made disparaging comparisons between “Tejas” and other popular films, calling the former a dreadful effort.

The competition “Tejas” faced at the box office was one of its main obstacles. “Tejas” was released with “12th Fail,” starring Vikrant Massey, and it was difficult to distinguish itself. As a result of its captivating story, “12th Fail” attracted favorable word-of-mouth, whereas “Tejas” was unable to generate such excitement.

After the movie received a lukewarm reception, Kangana Ranaut used social media to mobilize her followers and supporters. In a heartfelt video message, she emphasized the importance of communal movie experiences, urging audiences to venture out and enjoy the film together.  In addition to demonstrating her commitment to the project, Ranaut’s impassioned plea brought attention to the larger difficulties the Indian film industry faces.

Beyond the disappointment surrounding “Tejas,” the movie’s theatrical problems highlighted more significant worries over the future of Indian movie theatres. The number of people attending movies has decreased even with efforts to draw in customers, such as providing free admission and alluring discounts. This pattern indicates how people are consuming entertainment in a different way, with digital releases and streaming services becoming more and more common.

Kangana Ranaut’s appeal for assistance struck a chord with the larger difficulties the film industry faces. Industry experts are investigating cutting-edge approaches to keep audiences interested as theatres work to adjust to changing consumer demands. It is now more important than ever to reinvent the moviegoing experience.

In conclusion, “Tejas” acts as a reminder of the difficulties that exist in the motion picture business. Although skill and star power are unquestionably important, they cannot ensure success in the face of fierce competition and changing audience dynamics. The difficulties “Tejas” faces are a reflection of broader changes in the way that people watch television. To maintain Indian cinema’s vibrancy going forward, performers, filmmakers, and audiences must work together as the industry navigates these changes.

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