When Rajpal Yadav recreated the Chota Pandit look from Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Uorfi Javed claims she received rape and murder threats.

Uorfi Javed posted a photo collage of herself wearing the outfit and Rajpal Yadav acting in the movie. She was dressed in saffron slacks and a crimson full-sleeve T-shirt.

Social media celebrity and former Bigg Boss OTT contestant Uorfi Javed has stated that she has been the victim of rape and death threats. Uorfi revealed on Instagram that she received threats after emulating Bhool Bhulaiyaa’s Chota Pandit’s appearance. Rajpal Yadav, who portrayed the character in the 2007 movie, is well known for it.

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Uorfi has her too. The same appearance in Rajpal’s photos
Additionally, Uorfi posted a photo collage in which she wore the outfit and Rajpal from the movie. Uorfi accessorized with saffron slacks and a red full-sleeve T-shirt. She also had crimson makeup on her face and wore a garland around her neck.

Pens note from Uorfi
She shared the collage and commented, “Maine jab ye look replicate liya toh sabko mujhse problem hai, but Rajpal Yadav se kisi ko koi problem nahi hua. I’ve had an overwhelming number of unfounded rape and murder threats. Ten years after I wore this dress in the Bhool Bhulaiya movie, all these so-called dharm k rakshak (protector of religion) woke up! All colors, all flowers, and all agarbatti (incense sticks) are not associated with any one religion.” 8700116424

Viewers respond to Uorfi’s post
“Pagal hai gadhe (They are mad, stupid)!” exclaimed Divya Agarwal in response to the post. I too received the threats. As one fan put it, “Urfi is aware of the reality that some people are truly without a life. You guys are crazy because she’s enjoying her life without restriction. “You realize urfi was right when you grow up,” was one comment. A user on Instagram commented, “Let them hate Urfi, when people start hating you absolutely for no valid reason, that means you are way ahead of them.”

Screenshots shared by Uorfi
Using X, the platform that was once known as Twitter, Uorfi posted images and screenshots of the threats. She said, “I’m just shocked and appalled by this country mahn, I’m getting death threats in recreating a character from a movie whereas that character didn’t get any backlash.”

Uorfi’s previous post
Uorfi recently posted a video of herself wearing the ensemble on Instagram. “I hope everyone knows Chhota Pandit is a character from Bhool Bhulaiya,” she added in her post. I worked really hard to be ready for the Halloween party, but since I was unable to attend, I decided to make a video instead.”

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