Video of women doing Garba in a new style goes viral ; driving vehicles and riding bicycles.

Netizens were awestruck by this video of women doing “Garba” on vehicles and bikes in Rajkot on the third day of Navratri.

October 15 marked the start of the nine-day Navratri festival, which will last until October 24. People adore Maa Durga and her nine forms during this festival. On day three of the celebrations, a surprising incident occurred in Rajkot, where ladies performed “Garba” while driving automobiles and bikes and holding swords. A video of their performance has since gone viral online and is currently stunning internet users.

The video was uploaded on LinkedIn with the statement, “Women in Rajkot perform ‘#Garba’ on motorbikes and cars with swords in their hands on the third day of #Navaratri.

The video depicts women doing the Talwar Ras dance at Rajvi Palace in Rajkot in traditional “Rajputana” costume as a sign of respect for Goddess Durga. Vijay Rupani, a former Gujarati chief minister, was also in attendance. Gujarat’s cultural legacy includes Talwar Ras, or swordsmanship.

A few hours ago, the video was posted to LinkedIn. Since then, it has gathered a lot of traction, garnering more than 1,600 reactions thus far. Many even shared the video on their own channels while commenting on it.

See how people responded to this dance video:
“Great,” one person wrote.

Then someone else said, “Incredible India.”

A third person said, “Well, if they could do it on horses and camels, bikes and cars would be an ease.”

Fourth person said, “Wow, great.”

Don’t undervalue the power of women, a fifth remarked.

Sixth person: “That’s typical for Rajputs.”

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