Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Western India.

He was 13 years old when he married to Kasturba Kapadia, later known as Kasturba Gandhi.

He taught us the path of AHIMSA, Non-Violence

He studied law in London and later got a job in an Indian Law Firm in South Africa where he was introduced to the term “Racial Discrimination”.

In 1919, Mahatma Gandhi became the leader of Indian National Congress and that was the time when he introduced the term“SWARAJ”.

In 1920, he launched a non-cooperation movement against Britishers where he inspired people to spin their own cotton and boycott British goods.

In 1931, he led thousands of Indians for a 240 miles march that was called the very famous “Salt March” . 

1.In 1932, Gandhi ji went on a fast unto death to protest the British decision to segregate the so-called “Untouchables”, this led to an emotional upheaval in the country and Britishers had to change their policy.

From 1942-44, during World War-II, he started demanding immediate independence as India’s Price for aiding Britain in the war.

On 15 August,1947, India finally got independence. However, partition of India into two to form a new country called “Pakistan”. 

On 30th January, 1948, Gandhi ji was killed by a young Hindu fanatic who had been angered by Gandhi ji’s efforts to reconcile Hindus and Muslims.